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Senior's Professional Assistance Network | Serving The Chicago Area

Senior couple smilingThe Senior's Professional Assistance Network's Mission is to enhance the quality of life of seniors and their families through service, consultation and advocacy. You will be treated with respect, dignity, compassion, understanding and the highest level of integrity by SPAN members. We have a deep understanding of the needs of seniors and their families. And, expert knowledge of the financial, legal and healthcare systems and programs available to seniors. Because of this, we are able to enrich senior's lives, safeguard their health, safety and quality of life.

Today there are more options for seniors than ever before. However, the paths to this support are not always clearly marked, or easy to navigate. There is much to learn and consider to ensure we make the best decisions as we age. And the decisions made can be critically important. These issues include:


How can I protect my assets? Will loutlive my finances' What programs do the state, county and federal governments offer?
Am I, or my spouse, entitled to any Veterans Benefits? Is a reverse
mortgage a good option for me? Is there a local bank that keeps the unique needs of seniors in mind?


Can I leverage trusts to help my family? Is my will up to date and eflective of my current wishes? Have I assigned Powers of Attorney for my healthcare and property? Are the proper HIPPA Releases on file? Although I am feeling fine, I need to start thinking about funeral arrangements - but I don't know where to start.

Living Situation

Am I living where I want to? What will it take for me to continue living here? Do I need to make any changes to help ensure my health and well-being? If I decide to move, what are the options available and how can I find a Realtor or placement organization that specializes in helping seniors sell their home? Who will understand my needs? What are the differences between CCRCs,assisted living, skilled care and independent housing? What if I want to stay in my home?


Will the new healthcare reform act affect Medicare? Will Medicare or Long Term Care Insurance cover home care, assisted living and nursing home communities? Do I have the best supplemental insurance coverage?

Lifelong Learning & Activities

Where can I go to continue learning? Are there places that offer regular, enjoyable activities for seniors that I can socialize with? How can I contribute to our community and share my skills and knowledge?

Home Organizing, Modifications & Repairs

Who do I call when I need to make my home safer and more accessible? Who can I trust to help me with my normal home repairs and maintenance? How can I get myself better organized and keep my home clean and safe?

Health & Wellness

Where can I find doctors who really understand the challenges seniors face? Should I consider one of those fall alert systems? What is the best place for me to go to for medical equipment and supplies? Is there someone I can talk to who understands the psychological needs of seniors' My loved one has dementia- where can I go for information and help? I am going to need a few weeks of rehabilitation after my surgery. How do I find the best facility? My hearing and vision aren't what they used to be. Is there anything I can do about it? What is Palliative Care? Is Hospice something I should be looking at? Is it really provided at no charge--and what type of support can they provide?

Moving & Estate Organizing

Who can help me sort through everything I've accumulated. Is there anyone who can help me get organized to move into a new home? How can I sell the valuables I no longer need-but don't want to just donate?

In-Home Assistance

What services are available to me in my home? Which are paid for by Medicare or my inurance company? Where do I go if I just need a few hours of help or respite care each week. What happens if! need help every day or even around the clock? How can I get help from a nurse, physical or occupational therapist, a Certified Nurses Aid or a homemaker?

If you would like information or assistance in any of these areas please contact SPAN. We will put you in touch with a caring, trustworthy, knowledgeable professional who is dedicated to assisting seniors and their families. Your initial consultation will be provided at no cost with any future costs clearly explained to you for your approval. Don't wait for disaster to strike, or leave important decisions up to the state or strangers. Protect yourself and your loved ones so you can enjoy your life to the fullest-and bring peace of mind to your family. Contact The Senior's Professional Assistance Network.

Deerfield Bank & Trust
Banking Services
Jerry Nagaj
Chaos Tamers LLC
Organizing for Chronic Disorganization or Hording
Cathy Bock
Berkshire Hathaway
Real Estate
Lisa Davis
Northshore University Health System
Public Health Neurology
Anne Marie Fosnachtf
Heartland Law Firm
Elder Law
Jeanne Dillion
Mitzvah Memorial Funerals
Funeral Arrangements
Bill Goodman
Maga Ltd
Long Term Care
Brain Gordon
Brookdale Hawthorn Lakes & Vernon Hills
Independent and Assisted Living Facility
Lynn Johnson
847-367-2516 Hawthorn
847-793-2470 Vernon Hills
224-383-5918 Cell
North Shore Health Solutions
Functional Medicine, Nutrition, Neurofeedback and other all natural methods to improve overall health.
Dr. Kim Martin DC, FASA
Phoenix Home Care
Medical Home Care
Peter Miska
Perl Mortgage
Reverse Mortgages
Mark Newton
Right Healthcare Ventures, LLC
Unique health and wellness equipment, would care device, dietary management
Jack Orlov
Mark Drug Medical Supply
Home Medical Supplies
Stephen Sear
Computer Companion
Technology Help For Seniors
Sara Silver
Francie Stavish and Associates
Senior Move Manager, Estate Closure Clean-Up
Francie Stavish
Senior Helpers
In-Home Caregivers
Robert Bicanic
Northbrook Inn
Memory Care Facility
Ellen Brink
Rosewood Care Center
Skilled Nursing Facility

Senior Dent
Dental services for residents of long term care facilities
Les Jorn
Senior Living Experts
Senior living referral service
Nancy Siegel
MarketVisory Group, Inc.
Small business marketing
Carl White
Patient Centered Care Partners
Integrates behavioral health with medical care
Patricia Stern
Elder Smart
Elder advocacy and case management
Kathy O'Grady

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